Fudbalski klub Voždovac Beograd (Serbian Cyrillic: Fudbalski klub Voždovac Beograd), commonly known as Voždovac (nickname “Zmajevi” which means Dragons), is a professional football club located inVoždovac, a municipality of Belgrade, in Serbia.

Club competes in the Jelen Super League, the elite rank of Serbian football.


The club was formed in 1912, under the name FK Dušanovac. In 1929 it is renamed Voždovački SK (Voždovac Sport Club). The main success in this period was the winning of the “II Razred” League in the 1933-34 season, and the “III Razred” League in 1948-49. In the 1963-64 season, they won the Serbian League, then the Yugoslav third rank competition, and promoted to the Yugoslav Second League. After Red Star Belgrade’s new ground Marakana was built between 1959-1963, Voždovački SK played its home matches on Marakana’s secondary pitch with stands around it.

In 1973, another local club, Sloboda Belgrade, which was formed in 1953 and was Belgrade League champion in 1968, ceased to exist. The municipal authorities decided to sign Sloboda’s ground over to Voždovački, which then changed its name to FK Voždovac. The first major achievement was the winning of the Belgrade Football Association Cup in 1975. During the following three decades it competed mostly in Serbian lower leagues. All until the 2003-04 season, when it finished the Serbian League (Belgrade Group – third rank of competition) without a single defeat, achieving promotion to the Serbian First League, the national second rank competition.

On June 28, 2005, top league side Železnik, financially struggling at the time, won the Serbia and Montenegro Cup and merged with Voždovac. This way Voždovac gained access to the 2005–06 Premier League of Serbia and Montenegro (Meridian Super League at that time) in which achieved an incredible third place and the qualification for a European (UEFA) competition. However, due to the club’s poor financial situation at that time, the club officials decided not to request the licence for Europe competition.

The following year the club was relegated from Super League, and year after (season 2008-09) was relegated from Serbian First League.

After three years of competition in the Serbian League (Belgrade Group – third rank of competition),  in the season 2011-12 club won the first place and get promoted and returns to the Serbian First League (second rank of competition).

In the  Serbian First League 2012-13 (second rank of competition) Voždovac achieved  the 3rd place. Due to the withdrawal of FK Hajduk Kula, club is promoted in the elite rank of the Serbian  football – Jelen Super League.

Through  its history, Voždovac has been winning the great names of the Serbian football (multiple champions of Yugoslavia – former European champion Red Star, Partizan and Vojvodina). Red Star was defeated at home by 2:0 on November 4th,  2006 (Match Day 12) and it was her first loss of the season, while Partizan was beaten away 3:2 on October 22nd, 2005 (Match Day 10). Vojvodina is beated on December 3rd, 2005 (Match Day 15 – 2:0) and September 16th, 2006 (Match Day 6 -1:0).

Club Today


Being  the third club in Serbia, so called “Serbian Braga.”


Achieving great results on and off the pitch.

Organizational stability at all levels.

Development of the new world – known players.

To maintain the importance of the club on Serbian sports scene.

Positive experience for all companies linked to our success.

The position of the third Sports Club in Belgrade.

About Club

Our new stadium was bulit on the roof  of Stadion Shopping Center  in accordance with modern standards of UEFA. It is the fourth building in Europe on whose top there is a football stadium and stands can accommodate 5. 000 spectators.  Football matches, concerts and cultural events at a place like this offers a unique experience for all visitors.

In our youth academy 250 players practicing grouped into 5 teams.